We are dedicated to bridging Asia and the West with classical music by providing inspirational and disciplined education and performance programs for young Asian musicians. Nurtured by our encouragement and tutelage, they understand and appreciate the emotional and artistic depth and breadth of Western classical music. All of our activities are driven by our core values of discipline, hard work, respect for others, integrity, and self-motivation. 

(Violinist Ma Si-Hon and pianist Tung Kwong Kwong, together with friends Sau-Wing and Jean Lam, founded the Si-Yo Music Society Foundation, Inc. in 1964.)

Our History

The Si-Yo Music Society Foundation was recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in 1966 as a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational and cultural institution. Founded by violinist Ma Si-Hon and pianist Tung Kwong-Kwong. Together, they provided lessons and performance opportunities for young Asian musicians, featuring them in chamber music and solo performance concerts in New York City. Sau-Wing Lam and his wife Jean Lam helped to support the duo by underwriting the Foundation’s activities.

As the Foundation developed through the years, it formed relationships with highly respected musicians who believed in its educational and cultural mission. Artists who have collaborated with Si-Yo in its activities include clarinetist Stanley Drucker, soprano Benita Valente, cellist Jerry Grossman, and violist Raphael Hillyer.

Today the Foundation brings together music lovers at its Si-Yo Artist™ concert performances, music festivals, and musical instrument exhibitions. These events have also been enjoyed around the world from the United States (New York City, New Jersey) to China (Beijing, Jinan City) to Italy (Cremona).

Si-Yo proudly sustains its historic legacy by continuing to inspire the next generation of Asian musicians who will one day inspire others.


Si-Yo Music Honorary Committee

Mrs. Sau-Wing Lam, Chairwoman (Tenafly, NJ)

Board of Trustees

Eva Lerner-Lam, F.ITE, M.ASCE, Chairwoman (Roxbury, NY and Beijing, China)

Paolo Bodini (Cremona, Italy)

Rosaline Yin  (New York, NY)

Sophia Ma (Tenafly,NJ)

Tian Jiang (Fort Lee, NJ and Beijing, China)

Yin Long  (Green Brook, NJ)

Officers and Staff

Eva Lerner-Lam, President

Rosaline Yin, Vice President of Strategic Planning

Soyeon Park, Artistic Director

Denise Tong, Communications Director and Board Clerk

Ray Zeng, Public Relations Specialist

Jessie Jaewon Chung, Public Relations Associate

Jeremiah Liu, Webmaster

Woody Gou Wu, Text Editor and Graphic/Layout Designer

Si-Yo Music Society Foundation

Si-Yo Music Society Foundation, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational and cultural institution

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